is a creative design studio

for interactive media,

UI/UX concept & design,

 & animation/illustration.

rawpop.com creative studio was founded
by communication designer and illustrator
Robert Kraus
in Munich back in 1999.

Building concepts and designs for interactive media.

15+ years experience in building concepts and prototypes for UI/UX projects, design and development of responsive websites and mobile apps.

Concept, Wireframes, Iterations

Creating concepts and UI design for global corporations as for small business and startups.

Optimizing user experience to all devices and displays

Building best user experience with responsive design concepts.

Concept and Design for mobile apps

Designing integrated mobile apps.

LMU München / Historicum: Exhibition 2017

Concept & Illustration
„München im Mittelalter“

Current Project:

Videos, apps for interactive displays and mobile devices for Museum Cadolzburg


Ich lebte zu Herrschaftszeiten 5:00

Chapter 1 of the Hohenzollern Saga.


Product & Corporate Design

Brand development, Logo Design,
Corporate Design  & Advertising in
classic print media as in digital media.
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Please contact me
for details and/or portfolio.
I am free to hire starting Q3/2018.


rawpop.com – creative studio

You can download
my CV here
Robert Kraus
Franziskanerstraße 13
D – 81669 Munich
Mobile: 0171. 21 89 155
Email: info@rawpop.com
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